Our Mission

Circle Group strives to be the premier real estate agency for personal and professional services in Florida. We are dedicated to building the strongest and sturdiest foundation in Miami for our clients. The Circle Group uses proven, professional, leveraged, and state-of-the art techniques in the marketing, listing, and selling luxury homes. Our expertise in law, networking, and marketing set us apart in creating the most reliable real estate experience for buyers and sellers. We care.The Circle Group is proud of its innovative and people oriented approach to assuring the best service and customer satisfaction anywhere. When people from Miami, the Americas, Europe, or Asia consider buying, building, or selling a property, they think of The Circle Group.

Rejane De Paula

Founder & CEO of The Circle Group

Rejane de Paula is a zealous entrepreneur, with great communication skills, in particular, for problem solving and relationship building.

With a law and science degree. She has lived in the United States since 2004. States where she studied Languages at Harvard with a focus on the political and economic landscape American.

Rejane has been active in the residential and investment real estate market since 2010.

Her entrepreneurial streak combined with her academic background and approach customized to the needs of each client led it to break sales records and achieve several awards in the real estate sector, such as the Platinum Circle Award, for which she has been recognized since the first year of her career in this sector.

Rejane de Paula is a member of the BrazilFoundation Advisory Board.

Fabiana Santamaria

Founder & CEO of The Circle Group

Owner of a rich know-how in sales, marketing and communication, Fabiana Santamaria holds a degree in Law and a Marketing Degree from UC Berkeley, California.

With almost 2 decades living in the USA, she built a solid career in Real Estate and today leads The Circle Group alongside Rejane de Paula.

In real estate, the executive uses her vast knowledge to deliver an exclusive and personalized service to each client.

Her commitement and professionalism have lead her to receive several awards in the sector and to be part of the exclusive Fortune Christie's Platinum Circle.

Stephanie Dubugras

Stephanie Dubugras was born in Rio de Janeiro and now lives in Miami, where she has lived since 2016. A lawyer by training, specialized in Corporate Law, Stephanie was also founding partner of an art gallery for four years before moving to Florida, where she built a vast network of relationships and friendships lasting.

Stephanie also has in her qualification the famous Advanced Negotiation course, offered by the Harvard Institute of Negotiation, where she specializes in maximizing agreements and resolving conflicts, characteristics that make her stand out as a specialist in the real estate market.

Its entrepreneurial streak, focus and refined taste make it a great asset for its clients, whether to find their dream home or the right investment.

Priscilla Oliveira

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Priscilla Oliveira is a business administration graduate and mother of 3 young adults. She has been living in Europe for 20 years - 5 in England and 15 in Portugal.

Shaped by the many years dedicated to sports, Priscilla stands out for her discipline and pragmatism, both in the professional and personal spheres. Passionate about her work, she has enormous capacity for empathy when it comes to the needs of her clients.

In addition, she has leveraged her extensive experience in world-class equestrian sports, developing business contacts in virtually every corner of the world.

Today, Priscilla's expertise lies in curating and advising clients on luxury real-estate. She maintains a plethora of resources and contacts to find the perfect location and investment opportunities for all parties involved.

Thezia Aquilino

Thezia Aquilino is a long time Miami resident, originally from Natal, Brazil.

She brings over 20 years of experience as a trained permit expediter professional, advising clients throughout the permitting process and keeping construction projects on schedule and within budget.

Although Thezia’s clientele emanates from many diverse areas of Miami, her primary focus has been properties in the neighborhoods of Brickell, Midtown, Downtown and Coconut Grove.

She provides her clients with a different perspective because of the experience and knowledge she has acquired over the years. As a result, she's able to help her clients achieve their dream real estate transaction.

Thezia’s veracity and professionalism is evident in any project she encounters.

Jeannie Sobalvarro

Jeannie Sobalvarro, native to Chicago IL, first came to Miami over 15+ years ago earning a degree in International Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami.

Jeannie has witnessed firsthand the changes and growth within the city of Miami that allows her to give specific guidance on its trends.

Jeannie enjoys exceeding her clients’ expectations, it is not only about the purchase; the importance of standing by the client throughout the entire process and their satisfaction is the goal.

Details matter. Jeannie understands the important decisions clients face when choosing the right schools or family neighborhood, as a mother of three, she can relate to her clients and fellow agents in all professional levels.

Jeannie is respected by her peers for her keen eye for detail, appreciation of home architectures, and impeccable customer service. Jeannie is fluent in English and Spanish.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“After a disappointing attempt at trying to sell our Coconut Grove home with another realtor, my husband and I decided to relist the house with Rejane and Fabiana. It was an altogether different experience than we had previously had. Rejane and Fabiana communicated with us regularly and after every showing. They Always personally showed the house and did not pass it off to assistant to show. Because of their unique connections they were able to bring in many local and international buyers. We ended up with multiple offers and could not have been happier with the process. Later on when we wanted to sell a condo, we did not hesitate to call them and again we were thrilled with their professionalism and the attention they pay to everything.”

Michele Tsoukas

I met Fabiana and Rejane through a friend, my lawyer, who had bought a property in Miami with them and was very satisfied. Initially they provided me with the opportunity to know the various areas of Miami and to be able to choose and understand the pros and cons of each region in relation to my needs, as well as to acquire some sensitivity on the pricing to the point of being able to do the business with safety. In the negotiation, I was able to perceive, by the way the developers received them, their great knowledge of market. They always put themselves on my side with the only concern that I could make the best deal. They accompanied me in the delivery of the unit, the deed, the legalization, and the post sale, so that I always felt advised at a high level. I can say that besides being satisfied with the purchase of my property, and with the purchase of my second property, I won two friends. I highly recommend, as I already have , their work for all the people who I want well and who wish to acquire a property with "5 stars" professionals.

Eduardo Uram, Soccer Agent, Brazil

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